Constrction Marine Limited – Harwich Dock Hoob Upgrade Works

Works Commenced November 2014 completed April 2015.
The Scope of Work Included:
  • Take up of existing plain line timber sleeper track – 955m.
  • Installation of ballasted track on concrete sleepers – 490m.
  • Installation of plain line ballasted track on new short
    ended hardwood sleepers (Pan 11 Baseplates) – 375m.
  • Installation of track in embedded concrete inspection pit – 45m.
  • Installation of track on concrete slab (mild steel baseplates on grout pads.
  • Take up existing BV8 turnout and replace with new timber bearer BV8 turnout – 2nr.
  • P-Way design, form A, B and construction drawings.
  • Installation of 6 no 10.8m semi-permanent timber RRAPs.
  • Take up and re-location of 4 nr buffer stops.