London Underground

Remodeling & re-development of two depots to provide facilities for maintaining the new “S7” Fleet of trains.

– London Underground – Upminster and Ealing Common Depots.

Project start date: May 2012 – Completion date Feb 2015.
The Scope of Work Included:
  • Removal of tracks and S&C Units – approx. length of 8250 m
  • Provision and installation of new plain line track, and Switch and
    Crossing Units (including Conductor Rail as necessary) throughout
    both depots, which breaks down as follows:
  • Flat Bottom Plain Line Ballasted Track – approx. 7200m
  • Flat Bottom Switch and Crossing Units on Hardwood Timbers – 7 nr
  • Direct Fix Flat Bottom Track to newly installed concrete slab – approx. 1850m
  • Flat Bottom Track on “Stub Columns” – approx. 2650m

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