1stinrail offer a wide range of services to the rail industry.

Network Rail and Metro Systems

  • Switch & Crossing and Plain Line Renewals
  • High accuracy track construction
  • Bridge Deck Repairs
  • Longitudinal Way Beam Replacement
  • Lineside and Track Drainage
  • UTX Installation
  • Minor Civil engineering and Building works
  • Technical Services including survey, track monitoring and CRT management

Depots and Sidings

  • Construction of New Sidings and Facilities
  • Slab Track and Pit Road Track Construction
  • Maintenance/Track Patrolling and emergency Response
  • Freight Operation support (365 days per year -24/7)
  • Civil Engineering & building works

London Underground Network and Docklands Light Railway

  • Tube Track Renewal and Reconditioning
  • Switch & Crossing Renewals
  • Ballasted Track Renewals
  • Depot Track Renewals
  • Track Maintenance and Patrolling

Timber Supply

  • TFL Contract for provision of all Hardwood and softwood Crossing and Tube timbers.

Rapid Setting Concrete Supply

  • Supply of Rapid Setting Concrete for use on and off track.

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