Depot life extension programme

Posted in: Depots and sidings
Posted in: Depots and sidings

The provision of track design and heavy maintenance services for life extension.

  • 200,000 man hours worked in possessions without incident, injury or late hand back
  • 1,200 sleepers changed, and then recycled

Project summary

Many of the UK’s train depot, stabling and train presentation facilities are aged and in need of life extension works in order to facilitate the safe passage of passenger trains as well as ensuring vehicle availability.

1stInrail have been commissioned to carry out asset condition surveys and present life extension proposals for key assets. Over a rolling programme of works, “golden” assets have been renewed, repaired, or had life extension works carried out. The works are ongoing under a regime of minimising depot disruption whilst reducing asset failure risks to the operators.

Our knowledge of railway assets (often antiquated and bespoke) along with our depots’ large stocks of materials have allowed us to support this important project, helping to ensure vehicle availability to the train operators and wider travelling public.

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