Track and signalling support to bridge reconstruction projects

Posted in: Network Rail and Metro Systems
Posted in: Network Rail and Metro Systems

Provision of track, signalling and minor civil engineering support to Amco’s programme of bridge reconstruction works.

  • Delivered over both disruptive and ROTR possessions
  • Handed back in accordance with project timescales and plans
  • Zero delays to traffic or reportable incidents/accidents

Project summary

The Amco LNE project team delivering the RCPD scope of bridge reconstruction works have worked closely with the 1stInrail Project teams to deliver a number of high profile and technically challenging bridge reconstruction schemes. These works are generally delivered over a combination of disruptive and ROTR possession opportunities.

The collaborative working approach have enabled the projects to be handed back, in accordance with project timescales and plans without any delays to traffic or reportable incidents / accidents.

The 1stInrail scope of works has included…

  • Track removal / reinstatement
  • Design tamping (including supply of tamper)
  • S&T disconnections
  • Deck end drainage excavation and installation
  • Back filling and compaction
  • Supply of RRV equipment and POS
  • Track monitoring
  • Track handback
  • CRE (Track)
  • CRT monitoring
  • Supply and installation of water proofing

Selected locations

  • Hardwick Road
  • Headingly
  • Vernatts Drain
  • Althorpe Bridge
  • Frodingham Bridge
  • Nether & Stead Lane

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