Procurement Manager

Ryan Hitchiner

Joining 1st Inrail barely a year after its formation, Ryan has been with the company for almost fourteen years, his days spent evaluating suppliers, products and services, negotiating contracts and sourcing the most cost-effective solutions.

Beginning his working life in IT during the late ’90s, in 2003 he made the leap to rail, taking on a procurement role within a fledgling engineering firm before moving to 1st Inrail in 2008. Moving swiftly through the ranks, he was appointed to his current position of Procurement Manager just two years later.

Positive, extremely approachable and quick to make meaningful connections, after almost two decades in rail he’s developed an extensive knowledge of the industry’s suppliers and subcontractors, his ability to quickly assess and resolve a variety of procurement issues making him an invaluable asset to his colleagues.

Key responsibilities

  • Managing the company’s stores, its workforce and processes to ensure that the relevant items and stock levels are maintained
  • Ensuring that robust and effective systems are in place to manage aspects such as stock control, calibration, goods receipt and dispatch, quality control and logistics
  • Maintaining the company’s supply chain portfolio, covering all aspects of the company’s procurement requirements
  • Identification, verification and approval of those organisations forming part of our supply chain, including plant, materials, tolls, equipment, and sub-contractors
  • Ensuring that the procurements needs of the business are managed and maintained and ensure compliance with safety, quality and budgetary requirements